Tree Pruning

A tree should complement its situation, below are a few tree pruning techniques that could ensure your tree is an asset not a hinderance

Tree pruning is a fantastic way to help keep your trees under control and ensure that they add value to their surroundings rather then become a hindrance. Tree pruning can help you to maintain more light in your garden, keep trees away from your property or out of the way of traffic. check out this page to see what type of tree pruning is right for you.

Tree Crown Reduction

Reduce the overall size of your tree

A tree crown reduction involves a tree surgeon reducing the overall canopy (crown) of the tree by a given amount I.e. 2 meters. It would be considered unusual to reduce a tree by more than one-third of its overall size as this can be damaging to the health of the tree. A good tree crown reduction should still have the shape of a tree and can be difficult to spot if one hadn't seen the tree before it was cut. Often a crown thin and lift will be carried out at the same time.

In the photos here one of our professional tree surgeons has carriers out a crown reduction. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the size of the tree while maintaining its shape. A tree crown reduction is a great option if you would like more light in your garden while keeping your beautiful tree and all the many benefits that come with it.

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Tree Crown Thin

More light for your home and garden

A tree crown thin is probably the least invasive method of tree pruning, but, it yields great results. Tree crown thinning requires a tree surgeon to move through the canopy of the tree removing tertiary and secondary (small) branches evenly throughout the crown. Dead branches and poor-quality branches such as rubbing branches would also usually be removed.

The advantage of this method of pruning is that it does not change the shape of the tree in any way, but, it does let a lot more light through the canopy, brightening your home and garden.

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Tree Crown Lift

Trees got you feeling claustrophobic?

Beat that claustrophobic feeling by creating an airy and lighter area with a crown lift. A tree crown lift is exactly what it says on the tin, to lift the crown of the tree. This is achieved by removing the lower branches hanging below a certain height. A tree surgeon might crown lift a tree to create space under the tree. There are in fact regulations in place that state above roadways trees should be lifted to 5.2 meters and above a footpath by 2.5m.



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