Tree Removal/ Felling

Tree removal can be a risky business and should not be undertaken by any one who isn't a trained tree surgeon. That's why we are here to help. Below we will talk about a few methods we may employ to remove your trees.

Tree Felling


Tree felling is the fastest and most efficient method for removing a tree, when the site is suitable i.e. it's not going to land on something and break it.

To fell a tree the tree surgeon will clear around the base of the base of the tree. A sink cut is made in the base of the tree, this will determine the direction of the trees fall. Finally, a back cut is made.  This may sound pretty simple but there are many things that need to be accounted for such as the lean of the tree, decay within the tree and external factors such as the weather conditions.

D W Tree Services have got many years of experience tree in felling trees, we use tree surgeons that are qualified to a minimum of NPTC SC 31 which is the qualification needed to fell trees.


Tree Dismantling


Tree dismantling is the method a tree surgeon would employ if there was not enough room or it would be unsafe for the tree to fall. this would need to be carried out by a tree surgeon holding a SC 38 and CS 39 NPTC qualification.

A tree surgeon will access the tree this could either be done using a cherry picker/ crane or often a tree surgeon will use a rope and harness to climb the tree. the tree is the dismantled in small pieces until the tree has been completely removed.





Let the professionals help!

Check out our video of an experienced tree surgeon felling the top of an ash tree into a very tight back garden. Our qualified tree surgeons make this look easy. It's difficult to see in this video but brash has been pilled up in the 'drop zone' to prevent damage to the garden lawn.

We can safely remove your tree, including the stump, see our stump removal page. we will also remove all timber (the hard bit) and leave your garden looking as though there was nothing ever there.



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