Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can look unsightly and take up much-needed space in your garden. A trees root systems can be the hardest part of the tree to remove. Fortunately, D W Tree Services have got the machinery and the experience to make light work of this gruelling task.

There are several different removal techniques that we may employ to remove your tree stump. Different methods are appropriate for different situations. Get advise from a professional tree surgeon on which method would be best for you.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is probably the most common method of removing a tree stump and the easiest. We have several stump grinders which are appropriate for different situations I.e. tight access, rough terrain and also how big the actual stump is.

Stump grinding is the favoured method of stump removal as it is fast and it completely removes the stump of the tree. This means another tree or plant can be planted in its place or for building works to take place.

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Photo of a tree stump removal company, D W Tree Services digging out a tree stump

Stump Excavation

Stump excavation is another method that we can employ to remove your tree stump. This is done with a trusty spade, axe and other digging equipment (hopefully a digger). Digging is appropriate where there are utilities near the tree stump making it unsafe to use a stump grinder. A stump grinder may not be able to gain access.

A winch or tractor is often used to help pull the tree stump from out of the ground. It is important to ensure this is safe and there is nothing close by that may get damaged.

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Stump Poisoning

Stop your tree from growing back

Stump poisoning can be done to prevent the tree from growing back. We will bore holes into the tree stump using either a drill or a chainsaw and insert several small capsules of poison that should kill the tree.

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Tree Carving

Turning Tree Stumps into Art

It's also possible for your tree stump to be turned into a feature for your garden by carving your tree stump into art. This can help you to add something truly unique to your garden.

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