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Seasoned Firewood in Huddersfield

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There is nothing quite like the warm glow of a real fire to keep you warm. D W Tree Services have been Huddersfield's trusted log supplier since 1990. We take great pride in providing high-quality firewood ready-to-burn for our customers. Our logs are sourced from trees that we remove as part of our tree surgery work, and are then covered, stacked and seasoned before being prepared for burning.

What type of wood is included in your firewood?

There is a range of trees included in our loads of logs which, if managed correctly give you many benefits.

Most of our firewood is British hardwoods that a great for burning such as maple, oak, and beech. If you are lucky, you may even get apple or cherry wood which burn with a beautiful smell, this alone could save you £30 on a fancy-smelling candle.

Due to the nature of our work, we also have a very small amount of softwoods, such as pine, conifer and fir. These fast-burning woods are ideal to be cut up into kindling or smaller 'starter logs' as they burn very quickly and are perfect for getting your fire started. Softwoods tend to be fast burners, but, their heat output is lower, meaning you want to transition to hotter burning hardwoods once your fire is established.

Each type of wood has its own unique burning characteristics, so the best thing to do is to be mindful of what wood you are burning and when it may be appropriate.

What volume do you sell firewood in?

We sell our firewood by our own 'load'. One 'load' is two tractor buckets full. We deliver your load of firewood in our tipper van to your driveway (or specified area).


Is your firewood properly seasoned?

All of our firewood is properly seasoned, meaning, that it has been dried out to reduce its moisture content. This makes the wood burn more efficiently, producing less smoke, less air-damaging particles, and producing more heat.

We also split our firewood into manageable sizes, making it easy to handle and stack. Our logs fit most conventional wood-burning stoves.

Is your firewood Kiln-Dried?

No, our logs are seasoned and have a very low moisture content, but, they are not kiln-dried.

Firewood has been a primary source of heat for people for centuries, well before the advent of kilns or kiln-dried wood. Though kiln-dried does indeed burn well, if timber is stored correctly and dried sufficiently as ours is, it will have a high heat output.

There is little need to kiln dry wood to produce wood that burns hot. Kiln-dried wood is more expensive as there is more involved in producing it (a kiln).

Is your firewood sustainable?

We take pride in our commitment to sustainable tree care practices, and we believe that using our firewood is a responsible choice for heating homes and businesses. Not only does it support local tree care efforts, but it also reduces reliance on fossil fuels and supports a more sustainable future.

As our firewood is seasoned it produces fewer particles which can be released into the atmosphere during burning, which can contribute towards poor air quality.

No plastic or waste materials due to a tipper truck delivery.

Our firewood is sourced from trees that we remove as part of our tree surgery work, and is then seasoned and prepared for burning.

This is the most sustainable way of sourcing your firewood as it is a byproduct of trees that would have been cut down anyway. This is far better than growing trees specifically for the purpose of cutting them down for firewood.

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