Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas

Beautiful trees in a conservation area in Denby Dale, Huddersfield

Why Are Tree Preservation Orders Needed?

Trees are a beautiful part of England's landscape and Tree Preservation Orders are here to protect the amenity value we all enjoy from the trees around us. Trees not only look good but they also offer lots of benefits such as removing pollutants from the air. Moderating temperature during both winter and summer. Trees play an important part in preventing flooding and soil erosion. Trees also directly increase the value of your house if you are fortunate enough to have them.

Unfortunately, Trees can also cause inconvenience. This could be the tree growing too close to a house and causing damage, lifting paving slabs, growing too low over roads or footpaths to name a few. There are also more localised issues such as trees taking light from individuals gardens or a tree being stood where you want to build.


This is where tree preservation orders protect trees for everyones interests not just the local owner or neighbours

Can I get help with a Tree Preservation Order?

Yes, we are more than happy to submit TPO application on our customer's behalf get in touch and we will give you some advice and let you know your options

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